Assisted Living

With aging comes great limitations of things that people used to enjoy back in their youth and activities they could no longer take part.

The elderly needing help with their daily routines, but would like to live their independence and highlight their individuality could highly benefit from assisted living – a housing alternative for retirees needing help with daily routines, but do not require the intensive medical and nursing care provided in nursing homes.

Upon searching for assisted living programs, a few things should be considered, such as psychological, physiological, and social impacts of being enrolled into an alternative home.

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Here are some of the points to consider upon choosing the best assisted living facility:

  • The overall atmosphere and the staff

Assisted living should feel close to a homely atmosphere, with a quality of life, promoting enthusiasm and well-being and supports the whole stage of senescence. Thus, it is highly encouraged to choose a place near to relatives and friends to avoid the feeling of homesickness.

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  • Recreational programs designed for every age bracket

Recreational age-appropriate programs for outdoor activities such as Zumba, yoga, golfing, and fishing. On the other hand, intramural competitions involving board games, embroidery, cooking contests, and barbecues best fits retirees to entertain themselves and exhibit their passion.

A facility offering off-site tours are ideal for the elderly to engage into activities closer to nature, a bit of gardening, or horticulture.

  • Easy access to utilities and commodities

A full-blown facility must be equipped with clinics, book nooks, clean water source, electricity, cable TV, phone, toilet, and bedrooms as well as wheelchairs, dining tables, sheds, and benches. These utilities should observe a clutter free environment, free of pests and factors which might bring about health issues.

  • Medication and Stress Management sessions

A facility shouldering medications and supplements to maintain the wellbeing of its inhabitants as well as conducting group stress management sessions will greatly improve and stabilize their mental and physiological health.

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  • Permissibility of pets

Pets should be allowed to keep warm company for elderly people, assisting them for recreational walks.

Given the pet’s ability to induce production of dopamine and epinephrine, these can help the elderly in keeping a happy, optimistic thinking while enjoying their stay.

For a detailed read as to how pets revolutionized the benefits of assisted living, read this article.

  • Grooming projects

Projects consisting of haircuts and a bit of pampering help in retaining an elderly person’s sense of accomplishment and belonging ness.

  • Healthy diet and gourmet food

Enrolling elderly people to an assisted living facility allows greater attention to their dietary needs. While an in-house dietician could attend to monitor and regulate their eating habits, the place could also provide them well-cooked hearty meals.


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