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Condo’s Or Single Homes

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Must I purchase a Condo or perhaps a Single Family Residence? The solution to this isn’t black and white-colored. The reply is not just location, location, location. The solution lies without only your lengthy term and temporary living goals, however it is based on that gray area. The gray area could be simple things like, I would like a swimming pool. Should you possess a home, you are able to develop a pool in Los Angeles for around 55k-100k along with an additional $400 monthly in energy and water usage. Here are a few items to consider.

Pros of buying a flat:

– Use of a swimming pool

– Use of a fitness center

– Use of a Lounge

– No Landscaping work or costs

– Get access to a social networking

– Shared exterior maintenance costs

– Sometimes Internet, Cable, Water, or Electricity is incorporated in HOA charges

Cons of buying a flat:

– Walls linked to other people

– No Yard

– Possible Close quarters

– HOA Charges

Pros of buying a house:

– A yard

– A minimum of 10 ft of room between neighbors

– Front yard

– A feeling of Accomplishment

Cons of buying a house:

– No Use of Pool

– No Use of Gym

– No Use of Lounge

– Outdoors Maintenance costs

– Landscaping work or costs

Whether or not you buy a flat or single family residence, the most popular costs in Los Angeles are Property Taxes, HOA charges, and Mello Roos.