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Do You Know if You Have Dental Problems?

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Do You Know if You Have Dental Problems?

There is an old saying that you can always tell a person’s income level by their smile. That is because when you have money for extras, one of the things that many people will spend it on is getting their teeth fixed. But if you are poor, chances are you have missing teeth or crooked teeth in that smile. But the problem for many of us is that we don’t actually know if we need to get help with our teeth unless they start to hurt us. That toothache may be more than just a simple cavity, but we don’t know it until it is so painful that we force ourselves to make an appointment with our local dentist to find out what the problem might be.

Identifying the Root of the Dental Problem

Often when we do finally admit that one tooth, or an area of our mouth, is giving us trouble, we wait until it is so bad that we need more than just a simple filling to fix the problem. It can sometimes lead to a long discussion with our dentist on whether or not we need to go to a specialist for restorative dentistry to rebuild a broken tooth or create a bridge to fill a gap in our teeth because of an extraction. This is when places like  can be a big help in finding the right solution.

Recognizing the Signs

Of course, before we can even get to the point where our dentist can send us to a restorative specialist, we first need to know that we need that extra dental help. It can be hard if you don’t know how to watch for the signs of dental distress. One thing you can look for is a grey line or dark area on your tooth.

This is often a sign that you have a cavity and should head out to the dentist immediately. In addition, if your gums begin to recede a bit you might see a few white patches along the gum line. These are the exposed enamel and will need to be cared for to prevent further damage. Your dentist can help with that by adding in a filler that will cover this and protect the tooth while you work to heal that gum damage.

Hot and Cold Signs

Do you wince when you have a really cold drink such as an iced coffee or when a drink is hot like hot tea? This could be a sign that you have damage and should be checked immediately. It could mean that the enamel on a tooth has become so weakened that it is no longer doing its job to protect your tooth.

The solution could be as simple as using a toothpaste that is designed for sensitivity while you work to change your diet to help heal that damage. If it is a sign of a graver problem, such as a cavity, then a filling may be needed. You can prevent having fillings by eating healthy, caring for your teeth with good dental hygiene habits and seeing your dentist regularly.

Bleeding Gums and Other Gum Line Problems

One big red flag is if you are finding that brushing your teeth causes your gums to bleed. While it is true that they may become sensitive if you have skipped brushing and flossing for a bit, this can also be a warning sign of gingivitis or some other gum disease.

When this happens, your best bet is to nip it in the bud by visiting your dentist pronto and getting those gums back to a healthy pink and feeling happy again. Your teeth will thank you.