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Elliptical As A Thigh Toning Tool – Benefits And Viability

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Everyone loves a well-toned body. Mostly people start working out in the form of running or walking, but there are certain disadvantages of running or walking. If you are looking to work out without facing any of these disadvantages then Elliptical is your answer.


The elliptical is a workout/exercise device that emulates walking or running. It has foot pedals with upright moving poles. You have to put your feet on the pedals and hold the poles. It feels exactly like walking or running depending on the speed. Compared to normal running or walking elliptical provides an option that has no negative impact on knee, hips or back.

An efficient cardiovascular exercise tool

The elliptical is an important part of the cardiovascular workout. The repetitive movement of the equipment helps in following aspects

  • To get a lean butt and thighs/legs
  • To lose weight – it has a high-calorie burn rate enhancing the weight loss potential
  • Build up the stamina
  • Enhance the metabolic rate

Using an Elliptical

The various muscles on lower and upper body that are utilized and improved are

  • Glutes
  • Quadriceps
  • Triceps
  • Hamstrings
  • Deltoids, etc.

The intensity of exercise regime will affect the weight loss output. This can be increased by increasing your speed and resistance of the machine. The interval training is best for toning your body and increasing the weight loss. This involves intervals of intense workout followed by a recovery period. To get best results you should make sure your calorie intake is balanced and it is lower than the calories you burnt while exercising.

The elliptical is a fitness equipment of choice for home training. There is a variety of equipment’s available in the market. The most suitable, among the best elliptical machines for you will depend on various factors such as

  • Machine style – Whether it has only the pedals or handles as well. There are different type of elliptical with various styles
  • Resistance – The machine you want and need has a digital or manual adjustment of resistance.
  • Whether the machine you are choosing is pre-assembled or it needs to be assembled post purchase at home.
  • Kind of display and features it has such as a digital display, dual display, preconfigured training schedules, etc.
  • Presence or absence of handles and the design of handles such as vertical or curved.

  • The portability of machines is an important factor like does it need a power outlet and whether it has rolling wheels for easy movement.

Like any exercise regimen, the elliptical workout is highly dependent on your consistency. You need to make sure that you are consistent in your workout schedule and workout as per your goal whether​ it’s weight loss, fitness or body toning. You need to identify the training you wish to undertake that results in your desired outcome.