Humans have limitations. We often believe in the material world, forgetting the real meaning of our existence. Your life needs a strong reason and purpose, and that can be Jesus. Christian ministries have been around for long, but their relevance has increased drastically in the last two decades. Our pastor Chris Oyakhilome from Christ embassy aims to dispel darkness and show people the real meaning of life.

Who is Chris Oyakhilome?                                                          

Chris Oyakhilome is a Christian minister and the founder of Christ Embassy, which is also popularly known as Loveworld Incorporated. The Bible-based ministry headed by him is based out of Lagos. Over the years, he has changed the lives of many with his many efforts and miracle. He has been to many continents and has initiated an interest in Jesus and the power of god. His faith and commands have influenced others to think the path of god. With Christ embassy, he preaches the new world of growth and self-development. He has added time and again that as a human, you should strive for growth, which is possible of you develop the love for god. You can change your life by spending time with Jesus, which will lead to further growth and transformation. He often adds that everything is real, including love and hell. One must accept the universal existence of god and try to find a way to grow.

Chris Oyakhilome in Zimbabwe

The man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome invites you to a special workshop and communion service in Harare, Zimbabwe. Initiating the service, Pastor Chris marks the start of a new era in Zimbabwe. He had announced the amazing news at his momentous Night of Bliss in Johannesburg at the start of this year and had said that Zimbabwe is a miracle. With the increasing expectations and high hopes, time has come for him to be a part of the historic new era. The workshop and meet will happen on May 7, 2017 at the National Sports Stadium in Harare from 2 pm. Those who are willing to explore the path of god should register for this program, following which they can get a ticket to the live venue.

Things to know

Registered delegates are expected to participate in a number of ways, including live participation at one of the designated viewing Centers. Also, the workshop will up for live streaming at and on theCEFLIX mobile app, which is available for both iOS and Android users. As pastor Chris worships and talks about the worship the Lord of glory, you need to take part in this amazing event, which will be a place for new miracles.

Chris Oyakhilome wants to show you the path of god, which is very close to you. Talk to him and listen to his views, because Christ Embassy is not a church, it is much more – it’s a vision that will help people to grow and expand their life beyond the world of material pleasures. Register for the event right now!