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Exterior Painting – It Can Be Done

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Don’t under estimate what you can do, grab a paint brush this summer time and decide to paint your home. Through the years I have been enticed to pay for someone to complete the job but after you have their estimate I made the decision here real quick to get it done myself.

For those who have vinyl siding painting the home windows, trim and doorways can give the time to let the creativity flow. You are able to design one plan by utilizing colors that complement your homes exterior siding.

Below I provides you with some pointers regarding how to go any project.

Time it will require to accomplish varies in your level of skill, size of your house, just how much assist you to have and the number of jackets are applying.

Beginners will require about eight to ten hrs

Intermediates will require about 7 to eight hrs

Advanced will require about 6 or 7 hrs

When painting trim always employ a greater sheen compared to exterior siding to assist them to stick out. Semi-gloss or gloss for home windows, trim and doorways will appear best against a set exterior.

Remember, oil-based paints might have municipality limitations determine whether you will find limitations on making use of oil-based paints in your town. And try to avoid breathing oil-based paint fumes for lengthy amounts of time.

The types of materials you’ll need is a great trim brush, tape, paint bucket, ladders, drop-cloth, mineral spirits for cleanup, paint 🙂 and stir stick.

Note, you are able to match latex primer with latex topcoat, and oil-based primer with oil-based topcoat and you’ll be able to apply fresh latex topcoat over old oil-based topcoat should you sand the top first, or make use of a dulling chemical substance.

A useful tip would be to mask off areas that will not be colored, for example siding , or porch surfaces under railings. For home windows, mask from the glass in every pane when painting the dividers. If you do not take time to mask off areas not colored it will cost hrs clearing up the mess.

This really is apparent but worth mentioning, never paint when it is raining. When the surface is wet allow it to dry for just two-three days .

Always use a coat of primer to regions of bare wood including new construction, repaired areas, or places that you’ve removed the paint.

Nylon and polyester bristle brushes perform best with latex paints. Natural bristles perform best with oil-based. One factor that irritates me probably the most gets bristles within the pant, so remove loose bristles from a brand new brush before beginning painting by using it.

Do not paint in direct sun this makes the paint from drying too rapidly.

Always wait numerous hrs before you apply another coat of paint. Usually eight hrs will provides the first coat time for you to dry. And don’t forget two layers of topcoat is generally preferred more than one for those-out protection.