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Give Faith Life: How to Live Life More Effectively!

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To live life effectively, you must give your faith life. In James 2:14-26, it discusses the importance of working your faith. Everybody has the ability to work their faith! Faith not only requires trust and belief in God but also trust and belief in self. Having faith in self requires maintaining a positive mindset about your gifts and talents.

There are many ways to give your faith life which lead to living life more effectively. Here are just 3 ways to work your faith:

Speak life! What we say is so powerful that it can either cause life or death; even if we say something negative just in our minds. It’s not only important to speak positive affirmations out loud but it’s also just as important to say them within the mind. Many times people find it difficult to turn off the negative voices because they’re louder than the positive voices. However, the voices that are physically audible on a more consistent basis will eventually drown out the other voices that are not as physically audible. That’s why it’s so important to speak positive affirmations, listen to positive affirmations, and watch positive affirmations!

Serve others! Our gifts and talents are not meant to just benefit self. God gave the task to each human being to be fruitful and to multiply. This is not just within the context of having a family. Some synonyms for fruitful includes productive, rich, successful, prolific, profitable. This means God created some powerful and creative beings that are supposed to positively impact this world! In order to be successful and productive, it requires being a servant and working with others (the multiplying). It requires being humble enough to give back and help others. Many people are providing services or making products for profit and that is a part of God’s divine design for society. However, if we only focus on the profit and prestige versus being a servant to God first, then we will miss the true fulfillment that God intended for us to have.

Seek wisdom! Make the right connections and gain more wisdom to work your faith. Seek God first before seeking anybody else because he will lead you to the right people. It takes wisdom to effectively work your faith. It’s not to say you won’t make mistakes. When you do make mistakes, learn from them. Ask God what was the true lesson behind that mistake. Once you learn from the mistake, keep working your faith! Wisdom and knowledge are powerful tools to guide you on what to do and say to live life more effectively.

I encourage you to consider how you can start giving your faith life! Remember to speak life, server others, and seek wisdom. Performing positive works will active your faith and lead to living life more effectively!