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Learning to Co-operate for Your Children’s Sake – The Benefits of Mediation

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A marriage breakup and potential divorce is hard at the best of times, but when there are children involved it becomes an even more tangled mess to contend with. Hiring solicitors skilled in dealing with divorce is a good step to take, but first you should consider whether mediation is beneficial to your breakup, especially if there are children involved.

There are a number of benefits to mediation in the first instance, allowing couples to really talk through their problems in detail and come to an understanding and, hopefully, an agreement that suits the children’s needs. After all, it is the children that matter most in these situations.

Mediation is based around a safe place for a couple to have dialogue, in an open and honest fashion and hopefully to put together an agreement that suits both parties. If a couple has children it is important that their well being and financial security is at the forefront of discussion, without the pressures and any anger between the two parties getting in the way of a resolution that suits the children best.

The mediation process is voluntary and confidential, however agreements can be put together as a result of these discussions and put forward to the court should further action be required. What are the benefits of mediation for divorcing couples with children?

Rebuild Trust – The biggest factor of mediation is that it can bring two warring parties back together and hopefully rebuild trust. If agreements can be made it will help to restore trust, understanding and a decent level of communication. If you have children these things will be vital once your breakup has been confirmed.

Safe Neutral Space – At this stage of a breakup it is important that both sides can air their views in a safe and neutral venue, with an impartial mediator there to facilitate discussion. Aggression and arguments can only be destructive at this stage, but it is important for both parties to be able to be clear and honest with their views, to provide a starting point to build from and potentially gain agreement further down the line.

Expert Advice – Although mediators are not there to tell you and your ex-partner what to do, they can provide information and potential options for helping you to resolve issues. This can be especially important in terms of putting together divorce agreements that benefit the children. They can also provide information on how to make legal arrangements for your finances and property.

There could be a number of sessions as part of a mediation process, there isn’t a one-size fits all answer to these things. What is important is that the building blocks of a future agreement can be put in place and helpful discussion facilitated so that your children’s interests are best looked after.