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Living Existence Like A Miracle

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Are you living your existence as though things are magic? Albert Einstein is credited with stating there are two methods to live existence: One, as though there is nothing magic another strategy is as though things are magic.

Living existence as though things are magic has numerous benefits. The advantages include:

• Overcoming the chances.

• Synchronicities – finding yourself in the best place in the proper time. Meeting the best people in the proper time.

• Synchronicities – information and solutions to questions if needed.

• A fortunate experience.

• Getting away existence threatening situations.

• Health in your mind, body and spirit.

• Occasions produced by divine intervention.

• Wonderful occasions no matter its likelihood.

Today determine which way you wish to live your existence and fasten using the twelve Universal Laws and regulations:

• Divine Oneness – Things are linked to anything else. All you do, say, think and believe affects others and also the world.

• Vibration – All things in the World moves, vibrates and travels in circular patterns. Every seem, factor and thought features its own vibrational frequency, unique to itself.

• Action – You have to participate in actions that support your ideas, dreams, feelings and words.

• Correspondence – Energy, Light, Vibration and Motion get their corresponding concepts within the etheric or world. As above, so below.

• Expected outcomes – Every action includes a reaction or consequence and also you ‘reap that which you sow.’

• Compensation – may be the Law of Expected outcomes put on benefits and abundance which are deliver to you. The visible results of your deeds receive for you in gifts, money, inheritances, friendships and benefits.

• Attraction – You develop the items, occasions and those that enter into your existence. Negative powers attract negative powers and positive powers attract positive powers.

• Perpetual Transmutation of one’s – You will find the power inside you to alter the circumstances of the existence.

• Relativity – Whenever you encounter a problem it’s with regards to strengthening the sunshine within. You have to consider each issue like a challenge to solve and turn into linked to your heart when proceeding to solve the problem.

• Polarity – Things are on the continuum and it has a contrary. You are able to suppress and transform undesirable ideas by focusing on the alternative pole.

• Rhythm – Everything vibrates and moves to particular rhythms. These rhythms create seasons, cycles, stages of development, and patterns. Awakened people understand how to go above negative cycles by staying away from negative items to penetrate their awareness.

• Gender – All things have a masculine (yang) and female (yin) principle, and fundamental essentials grounds for all creation. The spiritual Initiate must balance the masculine and female powers within to get awakened like a true co-produced with God.

Pause within this moment – at this time. Make your mind up – When you purchase that living existence is just miracles, proceed now and fasten using the beauty and miracles which are awaiting you.