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Pest and Spider Control in the United States

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Pest control is important for many reasons. They may affect the health of an individual, and they may even affect the economy or the ecology in one or two ways. Whatever the effect maybe, nothing good comes from pests. People specializing in controlling pests are called exterminators. Residential spider control is something you will be engaged with from time to time as your home has the two things that spiders need to survive, shelter and food. Times are worse when the climate changes, and it becomes cold. Spiders have nowhere to go rather that people’s houses where they are warm and safe. With a short gestation period, many pests require less than one month to completely infest your house. If faced with such a threat, you might consider hiring an external exterminator.

Why Pest Control?

Other than spiders, it’s important to control pests. Pest control has been practiced since time immemorial. Other pests apart from spiders destroy crops and interfere with the life of animals that humans care about. For instance, when cows are infested by pests, their milk production is likely to go low. Their health is likely to decline and even cause death if not controlled. In agriculture, pest control is simple as techniques such as selective breeding, companion planting as well as crop rotation can be used to control pests. However, due to increased animal rights and welfare, pest control is being done using animal psychology. In some parts of the globe such as Canada, USA, and the UK, airguns are used to scare away small pets such as gray squirrels, rabbits, and even rats.

Why focus on Spiders?

recent study carried out in the United States revealed that there are 38,000 spider species on each continent. This means that America has its species, Europe, Asia, and Africa. The only continent that was not included in this research is Antarctica. To understand how spider control is important, scientists estimate that there are 1 million spiders per square acre. However, despite their deadly features, spiders have their advantages such as eating harmful organisms and also play a part in pollination of many plants.

Pest control methods

All said and done, despite their importance to humans, pests have many disadvantages compared to advantages. Common pest control methods used include using other animals to destroy pests. For instance, snakes can be controlled using frogs and mongooses. Another tactic used to control pests is the biological and the mechanical pest control mechanisms. Mechanical controls entail the use of restricting devices and equipment. Perhaps the easiest way to understand mechanical control is the use of protective barriers to control larger pests against damaging animals and crops. Pesticides, traps, field burning, poisoned bait, and hunting are other ways of controlling pests.

Effects of spiders

While spiders are associated with all harmful effects, their most deadly effect is the spider bite which if not treated can lead to death or paralysis of the entire body. However, not all spiders can bite. In the United States alone, the deadliest spiders are the brown recluse and the black widow species that can cause death in a day.