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Safe Bariatric Surgery

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The potential risks of bariatric surgery compare favorably along with other surgeries. Generally, the potential risks of weight problems tend to be more than the surgery itself. The important thing decision that should be made may be the choice between restrictive and malabsorption procedures or a mix of these two two procedures.

It’s been noted that though malabsorption process of surgery yields better results, it calls for greater risks. Restrictive procedures usually result in a decrease in about 47% of excess fat in patients as the figures for gastric bypass and duodenal switch surgeries (both of them are malabsorption procedures) are 62% and 70% correspondingly.

However, whereas the mortality rate for restrictive procedures was .1% inside the first month of surgery, the mortality rates for gastric bypass and duodenal switch for that thirty days following surgery were .5% and 1% correspondingly. Also, malabsorption procedures possess a and the higher chances of intestine leakage and dietary deficiencies. In addition, gastric bypass operations could cause “dumping syndrome” (caused when food moves extremely fast with the small intestine) resulting in nausea, weakness, sweating and diarrhea.

Gastric banding was discovered to be the safest surgical method, even though it was less efficient, when compared with other methods. However, if unconditionally, the plastic band utilized in the process ended up being to be removed later, it may be done easily, using the stomach regaining its earlier size generally.

The lap band method in addition scored within the staple method cellular the removable band and smallest amount of surgical work needed, as there’s no cutting from the stomach within this procedure. Someone should be careful in deciding which procedure would suit him/her better. It might be a good idea to discuss the benefits and drawbacks extensively using the surgeon before you take your final decision about bariatric surgery.