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Summer Fun for Families

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Are you and your family looking for something fun to do this summer? It seems that every year we get readers who want to know just where they can have fun with the kids, and not break the bank. The truth is, there are hundreds of fun things you can do each summer with the entire family that don’t have to cost you a lot but are sure to create great memories.

The fun thing about summer is that with the weather improving we all want to get out there in the fresh air and enjoy ourselves. If you are lucky enough to live in Santa Monica you can enroll the kids in a fun summer camp at the beach. You can find out all about it by visiting their website,

If you aren’t on the west coast, chances are there are plenty of great places nearby that offer a summer day camp much like that one. If you want to do more than just send the kids to summer camp, we have a ton of great ideas that will be fun for everyone this summer.

Neighborhood Derby Races

Why not encourage the whole neighborhood to get together and make their own cardboard cars? They can race them in a nearby park and even make a day of it. Making something fun out of old cardboard boxes is pretty much a childhood tradition. This is a great way to embrace that and take it one step further. If you don’t want the peril of competition, you can always invite the kids to make a parade of cardboard cars to show off to the entire town.

Let’s Go Fishing

While you may not be able to recreate the old fishing hole you might have gone to as a kid, they can still have fun. Many towns have taken to stocking the local park lake with fish and inviting the locals to fish. You will need to investigate if you need a license to fish and maybe get a couple of cheap fishing poles. We get ours at the local thrift store. Then spend a day just relaxing and enjoy the act of looking at nature, having a giggle and maybe even catching a fish or two.

Summer is Road Trip Season

It doesn’t have to be a big expedition to be fun. Our family often did Sunday road trips with the whole family. We would gawk at Open Houses and take a run down an old gravel road looking for cool places to stop and hike. End the day with an ice cream cone and you have a perfect day with the family.

Sandcastles on the Beach

If you are lucky enough to live near a beach, I can’t think of a better way to spend the day then on a beach. In the summer, you can grab the kids and head out early to get the best picnic spot. Don’t forget to bring tools to make that fairy tale castle while you are there! Best of all, even the teenagers will get into the spirit once you start building. A day at the beach is always exhausting, so be sure to bring some blankets for the little ones to snuggle into on the sleepy ride home.