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Tips for Celebrating a Safe Fourth of July

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There are few holidays that bring back memories like the Fourth of July. Every year, millions of families gather together to celebrate the birth of our great nation with fireworks. Some have chosen to use the safer giant sparklers like the ones you see on Sparklers Online. Using these our kids write their names in the air with great glee as parents watch and laugh. But there is a dark side to this celebration, as anyone who works at an emergency facility will tell you.

Firecrackers that go off too soon and ones that explode in the hand can leave lasting scars. Sometimes they can even maim and kill. A sad example of this was this past year when an eight-year-old boy was struck by an errant bullet someone had fired in the air at a Fourth of July celebration. The boy was playing driveway basketball with his brothers when he fell to the ground, killed by a bullet that experts say may have been shot as far as fifty miles away. Don’t let your family be another statistic, practice safe celebrations this year and every year. Here is how.

Water Sports Safety

It is a great time to get out to the lake or ocean. But just remember that you are not the only family with this thought, so keep your cool. Don’t let the increased traffic, both on the way to the lake and on the lake, make you act out. While you are on the water, make sure that all non-swimmers are wearing their like jackets. There are always increased accidents on holidays like this, so be extra careful if you are in charge of the boat. And most of all, remember that drinking and driving never mix, even if what you are driving is a boat.

Picnic Safely

We all love to bring a picnic basket full of goodies when we head out to celebrate the holidays, don’t you? Just remember that if you are heading to a place with wildlife that you will have to take care that your food is covered. Plastic lids on containers will keep out wasps and other stinging insects that can cause pain and panic.

Also- make sure that sunscreen is on everyone, not just the kids. The old adage of slip, slap and slop still stands all summer long. Slip on something to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun, slap on a hat to protect your face and especially your eyes. Finally, don’t forget to slop on some sunscreen for any exposed bits of skin you haven’t covered up. If you plan to go in the water, make sure it is waterproof sunscreen and reapply every few hours.

It is Hot Out There

July is a really hot month, so remember that you will need to make sure everyone is hydrated. Bring plenty of water, pass it around when the family is out in the sun. Make sure that everyone is getting some cool down time in the shade. Yes, you can feel like a spoil sport but every year heat stroke strikes and you don’t want anyone in your family being another casualty of the heat. Enjoy yourself, and be safe!