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Tips on spending quality time with your family

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In 2014, seventy percent of women with children under the age of eighteen were working moms. Of course, depending on your marital status, the figures vary as 68 percent are married women and over seventy-four percent have other marital statuses. Women work and it is great for their financial independence and personal development. In American heterosexual marriages, only thirty eight percent of women are breadwinners, meaning that they make more than their husbands. Whether we are making more money or less money, we often have a double job meaning taking care of the house and children and working. Whether you are a man or a woman, our schedules are overbooked with chores and things we have to do. Is it possible in an extremely connected environment to spend quality time with your husband or wife and children without spending too much? We believe it is, here are some ideas.

Be creative

Kids love making things as they see what they start with and what the finish with. With that said, you can let your creativity go wild on a table with play dough or you can initiate them to cooking. By cooking, I mean mostly baking. I am of course not suggesting that you stuff a turkey with your kids, if you want smoked turkey, pick another day. Try to stay away from knives as well but baking a simple cake, making them roll a dough or sprinkle cupcakes is at the same time making them use their hands and minds but also making them confident in their abilities to do something for real. With internet, tablets, phones and computers, studies have shown that children had developed a better agility but in the virtual world only. They do not transpose the logic they learn on a tablet into the real world. Children growing up in cities are also lacking knowledge in terms of fruits and vegetables. Take the opportunity to take them to the farmers’ markets, buy fruits and vegetables fresh and show them how it looks before they get cut and after. It is also a chance to talk about how it grows and where.

Be adventurous

Since we are talking geography with the fruits origins, spend some time outdoors. By outdoors, I do not mean go to a restaurant where they will be bored and loud. Look for activities outside that include children. Take them to the conservatory so they can learn about music, take them to the zoo so they can learn about animals and take them to the park to feed ducks and swans. If your kids are bigger, you can take them zip lining, canoeing, introduce them to many sports. It is very important to prepare kids no matter what you decide to do. You can do so by telling them what you are going to do today and what for: get them interested. We need to lose the habit of thinking that staying home watching TV is relaxing. By going outdoor and spending time with your family, your energy levels will increase and your time will fly.