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Ways to turn your life around when you feel trapped in a routine

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Every day, we wake up, shower, eat breakfast, go to work, get lunch, come back and wait for bedtime keeping ourselves busy with mind numbing activities such as watching series or surfing on the internet. At first, that lifestyle can seem satisfying, you have a job, you make money and you can even save some. But if suddenly, something goes wrong in your job, you will be left with blurred bearings. This why it is very important not to sacrifice your own happiness and personal time for your work. Yes, work is important but it is not your life.

Change your food habits

Changing your food habits is a way to break your routine and also an opportunity to get healthy and fit. Start counting the hours you spend in front of your television or computer for non-work related reasons. The studies have shown that adults spend in front of a screen over eleven hours per day. How many hours do you work? Take the free time you have and turn it into something productive such as going to the gym. You can start painting or start to learn an instrument. The list of possibilities is endless. Changing your food habits will as well force you to cook more. If you want to be healthier, you indeed have to cook more in order to avoid as much as possible all the processed foods.

Find out what’s important

What is important to you? Take some time on your own, out of your everyday concerns, out of the questions that poison your life: Should I go for wrought iron gates? Do I need to change my hairstyle? Did I buy enough groceries? Are my parents proud of me? Am I happy?

Happiness is not a destination, it is stops on the road where you will feel happy, complete and at peace. You have to stop worrying about the judgement of your peers.

Work is something you might be proud of. Maybe you can accomplish yourself in it and if you want a long and very successful career you should be encouraged in that direction. We have to forget about the society pressure on women and men that lock us up in roles that might not be a good fit for us. Some women prefer working and choose to be child free and some men actually enjoy taking care of children. Let us stop being so judgmental.

Embrace your originality

Every human being is original and different. Try to push in that direction. Why are you different? What can you do with this difference? Life is way too short to be afraid. Remember that centuries ago, scientists were considered as crazies when they discovered gravity and the Earth moving.

Now that you are an adult and live a stable life, it is time for you to enjoy your life as an independent individual. It is time for you to recognize the opportunities.